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Oct 19, 2022

OH&S Editor Sydny Shepard sits down with Bill Belongea, Safety Services Program Manager at The Master Lock Company to talk about effective ways to enhance your lockout program.

A special thank you to The Master Lock Company.

Nothing is more important than keeping your workers and your facility safe. Nobody understands that better than The Master Lock Company. We have focused on the development of complete lockout/tagout solutions since 1989, when OSHA first issued the regulation on the control of hazardous energy. Today, we offer the industry’s leading portfolio of safety lockout padlocks, devices, and professional services. We consistently provide reliable expert recommendations for turnkey lockout management systems, delivering effective safety solutions to companies in a variety of industries.

When it’s your job to create a safe and compliant workplace, for one site or hundreds, get the confidence that comes with having a true safety partner, The Master Lock Company. Together, we make work environments safer.

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